Songs in Other Languages

I was at Payne's, our local non-Starbucks, the other night catching up with a friend when I suddenly shushed her and listened.She was understandably a little abashed, since she had been in the middle of telling me about someone she was interested in on a romantic level, usually, I am not so rude. The reason for my listening was the song on the radio. I don't really enjoy the radio, but I recognized the tune I was listening to and it didn't go with the voice that I knew. After a few moments, I noticed that the other patrons of Payne's were also looking awkwardly at the ceiling. While my friend looked on in disgust, these people and I made ourselves ridiculous by asking the barista everything that he knew about the song. Nothing. We established pretty early on that the song was not being sung in English. Spanish, Italian...Latin? What was it? We became more and more certain that we were hearing a cover of Rihanna's "Umbrella" sung by a man in a foreign tongue. We listened, as one for the end of the song and the possible announcement of the artist. We were in luck. It was a cover of said song, and it was in...Swedish. I have to say that I see this as one of the most random things I have ever experienced.

In Spanish class last week, my professor was talking about the song "Don't Go Breakin' My Heart" which was translated into German (don't ask me why we were talking about this in Spanish). He told us that the translation for "breaking a heart" used the same German word as "to vomit on." That sounds like a broken heart to me.

It seemed strange that I should encounter two songs in other languages, and I decided to share them with you.

Little did I know.... Until next time, grace and peace to you all in abundance...