On Hot Cocoa

It's starting to feel like fall around here in Upland. Today, the morning was cold and crisp and I had to pull my sweater tightly around my shoulders. Fall clothes seemed appropriate today, even my red shoes.  It's been a rough week. 

It seems that something has hit me on every level and challenged me to wait, to move and to trust. I even had to get out of my first jury duty summons. I feel that it won't be hard since I'm in a different state. 

Today after church, I did the only thing I could do: I took a soft, restful nap. Upon waking, I realized, as I often do in the colder months when I am in need of comfort, that hot cocoa was called for. 

My version of cocoa tells a story of my allergies and my mom's love for me. It's made of  ground karob, soy milk powder and unrefined sugar. When I sip it, it tastes like home and winter and sweetness.

Just what I need.