Picture of a Graduate

Yesterday, I had my formal senior pictures taken for the yearbook. I spent my five-minute appointment with the photographer, first smiling in the clothes I'd come in, then donning a cap and gown.

He let me take a look in the mirror before he took the picture. It was eerie.

Now, having been homeschooled through high school, I've never worn a cap and gown (other than for dress up). For the first time, I put one on that I have earned. All the sudden, I felt like a senior, ready to graduate, ready to put on that mortarboard and get my diploma (mailed to me later...).

I walked away from the experience seemingly unchanged. I was still the same person I'd been when I came for the appointment. I was still just a senior, counting down the days until graduation (212!), but something was different, more real.

It's really happening.

"Now we see through a glass darkly, but then, face to face..."

I'm glad graduation isn't the end...