Bait and Switch

Everyone is talking and thinking about next year now at school. This is funny, because I've been thinking and talking about it now all year. Suddenly, I'm holding on to what is here, holding on to the people who still seem too new and precious. People that I want to invest in and get to know better.

I guess I just like to be different.

Today I had lunch with a new friend. I remembered what it was like to discover shared (obscure) interests, and lose track of time while talking.

I want more of this.

I need the reminder today that this doesn't end when I leave school. Some of these people, I'm going to maintain contact with, while others will drift away, only to be rediscovered in Heaven.

Whatever will be, will be.

That's not just a Doris Day song, it's true. God knows what He's doing with me. He knows how to bring tension and turmoil and wild beauty and peace. He knows me.

I'm running harder toward knowing Him.