Okay, so I was just on this name meanings website doing a little research when I had a crazy thought. I know the other names my parents were considering when they were anticipating my arrival. I know that the meaning was important to them, which is why they chose my Gaelic name: Cara, which means "friend" or "dear."

So, I typed them in. Had I been a boy, I would have been named "Gregory" which is Greek and means "Watcher." I love this immediately because I am one. I particularly enjoy airports, observing people walking by and such. Much of my writing comes from my watching.

St. Gregory is the patron of students and singers (one of which I am and another I try to be). St. Gregory was also the first pope. Another pope Gregory came up with the Gregorian calendar which we now use. I personally connect this to my desire for order and timeliness with some craziness thrown in (like Leap Year).

I highly suspect that Gregorian chants resulted from a Gregory as well.

If I were a girl and I was not Cara, I would have been Paige. Paige is English and actually means page. I appreciate the fact that my parents decided not to name me after a servant who attended a knight. Still, I did work at a library back home where my title was "page." It was the best job I've had to date. There may be something in this.

Hope you enjoyed this random etymological interlude! Thanks for reading!

Oh, and go look up the meaning of your know you want to.