The Radio

I'm home for break and I've realized something that I've missed very much about driving (and I'm not talking about taking corners without braking) I miss the radio.

I miss the fact that I can turn it on and have no idea what it's going to play. Sometimes I like what's on, other times I have to change the channel and try to find something else I do like. Sometimes I'll say (yes, to my empty car) "Oh my gosh, I love this song!" and turn it up loud and roll down all my windows (even the back ones) annoying all of the people around me and having the most wonderful time ever.

I love my ipod, knowing what is coming is lovely, planning out playlists and listening to what I have is great, but sometimes you just have to listen to the radio and remember how to live in the moment, whatever the wavelength might bring.

Thanks for reading! Happy spring!