Portland (and in-between places)

I'm sitting in the Portland airport enjoying a 3 hour layover on 4 and a half hours of sleep. I'm on my way back to school for the last seven weeks of classes and finals. No ideas about life after that.

Portland is pretty fitting for how I'm feeling now. It's not a bad place, PDX. I like that they have green carpet all over the floors and that the seats are cushy. But it's an in-between place. I'm here for a few hours, using free wi-fi and having breakfast, and then I'm off again, into the wild blue yonder and my actual destination.

There are a lot of in-betweens in my life right now.

Still, given time, the ambiguities and uncertainties will become clear. The light will flutter over my road, letting me see where to put my feet. One day at a time.

Living in the moment sounds like a great idea some days. Those days, it means doing something wonderful with people you care about, usually in the sunshine. Those are moments you want to hold on to, to live in and enjoy. But moments like this, when I'm tired and in state 2 of 4 for the day in an in-between place like Portland...it's a struggle to live here. I just want to move on, to the destination. But I'm going to have to do it one moment at a time.