Under Graduation

This may be the last post that I write as an undergraduate. Pretty soon, school will be over for me and I'll need to glide into the unknown.

I have strong emotions about this.

I'm scared and excited and ready, exhausted really. I'm going to miss this place where two and a half years of memories have been made. I'm going to miss the people that those memories were made with. I'm even going to miss the me that made those memories (try that out three times fast).

In less than a week, I'm going to walk across a stage, likely dripping with condensation (graduation is in the gym) and receive my diploma. School will be over.

Life has begun, life is now and here and the very air that I am breathing and the words that I am typing. Life is now.

This week has been hard. I've been saying goodbye to a lot of what is without a chance to say hello to what will be. It will be, but not yet. That's the hard part.

Right now, graduation hangs over me. But on Saturday, I'm walking out from under it. No longer an undergraduate...