The French Press

Beverages are kind of a big deal to me. In college, I took a poetry class and found my classmates constantly commenting that I talked about tea, or wine or water, or really, liquid refreshment, in all of my poetry.

I took a fiction class and later realized that both the stories I turned in were inextricably linked to beverages. Without the included beverages, my stories would not have worked.

I work at a winery.

I grew up drinking tea every morning under the direction of a mother who could not function without it.

I went through a rebellious period in high school wherein I started drinking Starbucks coffee.

I am considered by many to be a water snob.

All this is true, and I'd like to bring something else to the table.

Last week, I got my first French Press.

It came in the box with my new spiffy grinder and I squealed with delight as I set it all up and got ready to make my first cup of coffee. (Columbian, locally roasted by Dancing Goats which I might buy just for the name, but it's really yummy too) It was a rush.

Recently, during a vulnerable period which included finals and many papers, I was introduced to the hypnotic and addictive qualities of French Press coffee. I was hooked.

I am happy to report that my first cup was a success. I couldn't stop drinking it, and suddenly realized that it will be completely necessary to purchase a larger French Press.

This is too good not to share.