Found Things

Found Things

Hallmark Card

I love finding treasures. Sometimes this happens while antiquing or garage saling. I love finding things that are unique and special and have a story, even if I have to make the story up because I don't know what it is.

Sometimes this happens on the internet. I'll find a new website or blog that captures my imagination, sparks some creativity or gives me a really great deal.

Sometimes this happens out of the blue and I'm not looking for a treasure, just going along minding my own business, and I am surprised by an opportunity, a book, a hole in the wall restaurant, a soulful band, or a new person in my life. It's like having a treasure handed to me.

Recently, I found one of these websites Young House Love. It's a great blog about a couple who own their first house and all the great do-it yourself projects that they use to make it their own. As any of you who have seen my room know, I love that sort of thing. I'm always finding treasure and making them my own, whether it's a couple of  vintage suitcases covered with purchased luggage stickers, or my  brand new "clothesline" that I just made with little tiny  clothespins which hold cards, pictures and such that I want to  remember. It looks very cool on my wall.

One of the thoughts that has stuck with me since  watching Inception is the power of an idea. The other day, I was  talking with a friend, sharing my newest idea with her and she  expressed a desire to be able to come up with ideas so easily. Her  comment made me think of college writing classes where others  said things like that. Both times, I didn't feel like I could take any credit for it. Ideas are, for me, like treasures, sometimes you have to be open to finding something you're not looking for and playing with it a bit to make it your own.