Secrets of Spokane (or, things I didn't know about my hometown)

Secrets of Spokane (or, things I didn't know about my hometown)

The Scoop

I'm feeling a little antsy these days. Mostly, it's because it's fall and I'm not getting on a plane and going back to school. I'm not buying books or starting new classes. As much as I don't miss the stark, dripping humidity and the late nights and homework, there are things I miss about school. Mostly, that wonderful feeling of starting over. Everything all new. I'm here, in Spokane, figuring out post-college life one day at a time. There are much more unpleasant things.

One of my goals has been to try out places that I'd never been to, whether they were knew since I've been away, or whether I've just never tried them. Here are a few little treasures I've picked up along the way, so far.

I'm not going to lie. Groupon has had a hand in some of the places that I've tried. Let's start with the Scoop.

Armed with my good deal, I went with my friends Dusty and  Christina to this South Hill (my neighborhood, who knew)  favorite. It's all handcrafted random-flavored ice cream. In spite  of my dairy allergy, I enjoyed every little bite. I had this star  shaped plate because I couldn't make up my mind and got five  small scoops.

I'm a huge pistachio fan and was delighted by rastachio (raspberry  swirl with pistachio and chocolate. Yum. Great fun all around.

A couple Friday nights ago, my friend Kendel and I went searching for drinks and I suggested Vin Rouge. Another South Hill destination, based on affordability, good service and a fine-dining environment. Nothing but good things to say here. Kendel and I found the service to be excellent, beginning with our hostess telling us that if she saw "two hot guys with money" she would send them over. Happy (or social) hour, included great deals and it was all we could do to see the bottom of the frites that we ordered. They came with aoli, which made my dreams come true.

All in all, a lovely surprise. I'll keep sharing them!