Like a Box of Chocolates...

Like a Box of Chocolates...


Recently, I’ve struggled with the circumstances of my life. It’s been a challenge to stay positive when things are not what I want them to be. Are they ever? In light of my recent turmoil, I thought that The Chocolate Diaries by Karen Scalf Linamen (a book about weathering the difficult times in life) might provide something to think about and ways to grow.

Karen is known as a humor writer, using her own life and the stories of others to discuss spiritual truths. She tells a joke or two, but I didn’t find her particularly funny, though my standards are high.

She had some good things to say, ideas for coping including: taking time for yourself, reading the Bible more and spending time with friends with whom you can be vulnerable. However, these are words that have been said over and over to me (and countless other people).

The main thing that seemed to separate this book from the countless others telling you to persevere even when it’s hard was the emphasis on chocolate, both in recipe form and throughout the text. While I like a good piece of chocolate as much as anyone, and agree that it can be helpful for a lift in mood, I don’t think it’s enough on which to base a book, or a life.

If you’re looking for reminders of what is important, peppered with personal stories and recipes, this may be just what you’re looking for, but just like a box of chocolates, not all pieces are going to thrill you, and this one didn’t thrill me.

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I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.