Downtime and Primetime

Downtime and Primetime


I've been sick this last week and I've spent a lot of time in bed not particularly enjoying life. It is times like these that I remember (and return to) all the TV shows that I've befriended in the past. I say befriended because, like with a book series (I've been known to cry at the end of a series, I tend to get attached to recurring characters and shows. So, here are a few of my favorites. Please let me know what you like to watch, I'm always looking for new suggestions! Scarecrow and Mrs. King

My mom used to love this show when it was on the first time (it ran from 1983-87) and I grew up watching reruns and loving Lee and Amanda. The show is about a spy (Lee) who accidentally recruits a civilian (Amanda) to help him out with something. The series is about how she and he work together for "The Agency" and keep the nation secure. It's an extremely fun show filled with the Cold War (all the bad guys are Russian) and the best fashions of the '80's. We recorded a bunch of these on tape and I still watch from time to time.

Remington Steele

Along the same lines, Remington Steele is a show about a private investigator (a woman) who isn't getting any cases because she's a woman. She invents a male boss and business picks up, but then a mysterious man (pre-Bond Pierce Brosnan) comes into her life and poses as Mr. Steele. It's another great mystery show with plenty of sexual tension I completely missed as an 11-year old. This one ran from '82-'87.


My wonderful uncle told me, one summer, that I had to watch at least three episodes of Scrubs before I went back to school. I started, and the witty sarcasm and strangely addictive (though seemingly pointless) plot kept me going. I had a buddy in college who also watched the show and we would hang out in the dorm and watch an episode or two at the end of a long day. It's a fairly raunchy medical comedy show, with it's fair share of drama and inappropriate jokes, like many of the shows I've liked, I wouldn't recommend it, but if you're also a fan, you'll probably understand why I'm a fan anyway.


Doc was my first medical show that I really enjoyed. It was on Pax TV and the plot centered around a Montana doctor (Billy Rae Cyrus) who relocated to NYC and ruffled all kinds of feathers with house calls and treating the whole patient. It was inspirational and fun. My family and I watched it every Sunday night.

Sue Thomas F.B Eye

Right after Doc on Sundays, we would watch another inspirational favorite (and spy show, anyone seeing a pattern?) about a woman who was deaf and read lips on surveillance videos for the FBI. Sue cracked quite a few cases and had great chemistry with my heartthrob at the time, Yannick Bisson.

The Dick Van Dyke Show

This is another show that I have recorded on tapes in my basement. A lot of my standard jokes and really what I know about the world came from this show. It's brimming with charm and fun, and certain unrealistic things that I never questioned until later. A delight.

How I Met Your Mother

This is another one that I can't recommend, but will watch until the very end. It's profane and inappropriate and completely entertaining and compelling for me. I love the characters and their struggles to find love in New York City. I love Ted, the hopeless romantic of the show who is looking for "the one" and trying to have faith that he will find her. For all of it's one liners and boy humor, it's a very heartfelt show.

Gilmore Girls

After college, a friend turned me on to this show and I spent a few months immersing myself in the lives of Loralei and Rory in the town of Stars Hollow. It was a wonderful journey, one I was sad to end. I cried with them, got mad at them and experienced everything you're supposed to experience while watching a drama. Quite an experience.


In the tradition of my earlier shows, this is a spy show about a guy who is sucked into the spy world by an outside event. I relate to Chuck's character and have come to love this show. It's one of my standbys and has great music!

This is it for now...what do you like to watch?