Dating Unrealities (top fictional characters I'd go out with)

I've never been one for crushes on celebrities. There was that thing with the lead singer of Relient K, but no one is perfect. However, I've found it hard not to get involved with characters in books, movies and other media. I was thinking about this recently and decided that it was time to hammer out a blog post on the subject. Maybe you'll share some of your ideas as well? Oh, and one note about how I chose these characters: you may wonder why certain characters aren't on here that I might love. I was trying to be realistic. As much as I might love Indiana Jones' character, I'm not sure I'd go out to dinner with him, I'd be too afraid that he'd shoot the waiter and leave halfway through. I love Jack Sparrow, but he drinks excessively, has little to no sense of proper hygiene and engages in an illegal profession. I've given it some thought, as you can tell. Enjoy.  


If you've seen the recent movie, you'll have an idea of what this character is like. He's a journalist who travels the world solving crimes which fall into his lap in the company of his dog, Snowy. He reads excessively, is brilliant, does yoga. You can see why we would have a lot in common.

Lord Peter Wimsey

Lord Peter is a character created by Dorothy L. Sayers for detective stories. He is the sleuth in the series but is also a good dancer, a collector of books, very appreciative of fine wine and quite rich and eccentric. Perhaps he is a little older than I, but it doesn't bother me.

Mr. Knightley

Speaking of older men, who can forget Mr. Knightley, the straight-talking kind and loyal brother in law of Emma Woodhouse. He will always remain my favorite of Jane Austen's men. Unlike the more sought-after Mr. Darcy, he is kind tempered and not conflicted about his feelings (there are more of his type around than we realize). He tells it like it is, whether the news is good or bad.

Jack Hudson (Sue Thomas F.B. Eye)

Clearly I have a thing for guys who solve cases, Jack is no exception. If you missed the heartwarming TV show Sue Thomas, you'll need to know that a deaf woman worked (perhaps still does work) for the F.B.I. so that she could read lips in surveillance footage. Jack was the team leader and proved himself over and over to be sensitive, caring and thoughtful.

Chuck Bartowski

The title character from the popular show Chuck may seem like a bit of a cliche. Let me assure you, it's not. Chuck, played by Zachary Levi (also the voice of Flynn Rider in Tangled) is a complex character. He's a nerd still trying to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up, when greatness is thrust upon him. He's not always good at what is handed to him, but he never gives up, and he never loses who he really is. Also, I find him very sweet.

Lee Stetson (Scarecrow and Mrs. King)

Yet another secret agent joins the mix. Lee is very good at his job, very smooth, knows his way around a wine cellar and has a great car. But really. He also displays a huge dose of patience, class, morality and caring.

Jason Whittaker (Adventures in Odyssey)

Jason is a retired agent of some national security agency. Sort of. He is handsome, a strong Christian, with human struggles. He is fun, engaging and funny. On another note, he's Whit's son, which would make things interesting and his life is always changing.


Ron Weasley/Neville Longbottom

This was a hard choice that I decided not to make. It was easy to rule out Harry Potter (moody, orphaned, Frodo-like, a total martyr) but I love Ron. He is brave even when he is scared, loyal to his friends, occasionally seems very human and loves well. Then there is Neville. He faced overwhelming odds to help defeat the evil that robbed his parents of their minds. He stood up to Voldemort, cheating death and showing no fear. He was extremely dynamic throughout his years at Hogwarts, finally becoming a force to be reckoned with and a man who speaks his mind and follows his heart. I guess it all comes down to whether I'm more like Hermione or Luna. Toss up.

Guy Patterson

The drummer in That Thing You Do. Guy is conscientious, happy-go-lucky and very musical. He cares about his friends and about injustice. He is delighted by the new things that they experience on the road and he wants to be a part of a team and make it the best it can be. He has heroes, awe and the ability to improvise.


Simon Dermott

He's a suave, funny art specialist who isn't above a little breaking an entering, especially if it is for a good cause! He and Audrey Hepburn are magic in the movie How to Steal a Million. He is witty, enthusiastic and amazingly honest for a thief.


Honorable Mention: Calvin (of Calvin and Hobbes)

You may find this one strange, after all, Calvin was 6 years old at the time of his comic strip and quite a crazy kid! However, he was six about the time that I was born, was brilliant and creative and energetic. I'm not sure what he might have grown up to be, but I'll bet he is a very interesting person now. I'd let him buy me dinner.