Tiptoeing Toward Grace

This book is about an injured ballet dancer, who is facing the fact that she will never dance professionally again, and a young, extremely optimistic woman with a fiancé and a world of possibilities before her. They begin as employee and employer, one of them caring for the other, but eventually, they begin to understand and care for each other as people, with life-changing results. I was drawn to this book initially because I am also a former ballet dancer who left ballet because my body asked me nicely. I still miss many things about dancing in that way: the way my feet responded to the music, the costumes, the euphoria after a successful audition, the look of pride in the eyes of one of my teachers. Like many young girls, I also dreamed about being a prima ballerina and getting paid to do what I loved. All this made Sasha (the dancer) a relatable character. I enjoyed a foray into the world of dance again, thinking about ballets I’ve seen and solos I’ve learned and danced, that was a lovely part of this book.

I found myself a bit frustrated with the character of the younger woman, however. She is stubborn (a trait I certainly relate to) and has spunk, but I also found her to be completely lacking in street-sense. She seemed to put herself into positions which showed her to be a little too trusting for my tastes. She does do some growing (both characters are dynamic) and that helped with my feeling toward her.

This book reminded me of something I think we could all stand to remember: there is nothing too big or too insurmountable for God, His grace covers all. For that, I am thankful for this book, it provided a lovely, light and sunny diversion for an afternoon.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

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