Be the Poem

"If you cannot be a poet, be the poem." - David Carradine I've been thinking a lot about poetry lately, trying to write one daily (success so far!), delving into books of poetry, books about poetry and even my own poetry, written years ago. I'm letting it sink into me.

This is Holy Week. Specifically, today is Good Friday. All week, I've been thinking about Jesus, walking through His last few days on earth before His resurrection. There are many poems about this week, some of them written by great poets, some of them even written by me.

Some days, even when my heart is full, I'm not ready to write, poetry or otherwise. Even today, I wrote two poems on my lunch break at work. They were both about something that happened years ago. My life now is full of the poetic, of the little details and symbols that make up life, and, in turn, art.

Perhaps in time, I will write about now, though it will not be "now" then. Maybe right now is about being the poem, and not about writing it.

I am grateful for the written accounts in the Gospels. Since Jesus is God and the words are the inspired Word of God, there is a case to be made that He wrote them. However, while He was on earth, Jesus was busy living out what He was supposed to do. Only later did His words make it to the page to be pondered and pored over.

Today, whether full or empty, rejoicing or grieving, hoping or despairing, I invite you to join me:

Be the poem.