Blogging is the New Black

Yesterday, I was talking with a good friend who has just returned from a six month YWAM trip in China and the UK. It was good to hear her voice and see her smile (we were on Skype). We caught up on life bits from the last few months. I'd just gotten a postcard from her and she mentioned that she'd been enjoying reading my blog. I got an email from a friend the other day, wondering if I was all right. She said that my silence didn't feel the same to her, this one felt like I might be going through something, not just the usual busyness. This took me a minute, but I realized that she reads my blog too. Or, she would, if I were writing it.

I recommended a book to a friend the other day. "Is this one on your blog?" she asked.

It's flattering and humbling to hear that people miss reading what I have to say. I've often wondered who reads this blog. With the advent of blog subcriptions, I've been able to see into that a bit. It's wonderful, fun and not a little daunting to know who I'm writing to.

I thought that by not writing, I wasn't hurting anything. I guess that's true, no one is in pain because I'm not blogging. But people miss it, or they wouldn't say anything.

I'll try to be more faithful as I continue. Any ideas for posts you'd like me to write?