This post may be a shock for some of you since it’s been over a month since the last entry. There are lots of reasons for my lack of posting lately, starting and ending with busyness. But sandwiched in between those convenient excuses, you will find a forgetfulness. I have forgotten how much I love to write in such a way that I connect with others, that something that I say makes its way from my mind to theirs and they connect with it. This still amazes me when I remember this. The way I remembered this time, was actually work-related. In a flashback to sophomore year of college, the library is starting a blogging program and they have asked for contributors. This happened last week. This week found me at a library conference, sitting in a session about blogging. The presenter, Rosemary, runs a personal blog and made suggestions for library blogs beyond just book reviews. I wrote these things down and found them instructive as I go forward with the blogging team, however, what captured me, was the passionate way she approaches blogging. She takes photographs, posts recipes, and writes about every day things with joy and delight. She also writes some about books. As she spoke and showed us pieces of her blog, I found myself remembering a time when I used to feel this way about writing, about blogging in particular. It’s been a long time since I wrote my first entry, coincidentally, on November 3, 2008. A lot has changed in those four years. I have matured (I hope) in my writing as well as everything else, I have learned a lot, I have moved across the country, I have built relationships and let go of others. I have begun to understand how much more I have to learn.

I left Rosemary’s workshop feeling refreshed and excited, and, yes, ready to blog again.

If you would like to, take a look at Rosemary’s blog, I think you’ll enjoy it, and let me know what you think of the posts and thoughts I put up here. I’m always looking for feedback and suggestions.