If you’ve been a reader long, you know that I love the Civil Wars, that they went on hiatus in November of 2012 and that I am brokenhearted about this. In the wake of this sadness, I found myself on Noisetrade, browsing for something to take the edge off the sting. If you haven’t heard of Noisetrade and you have the capacity to hear, get yourself there now. I will wait. Noisetrade, (a free-trade music site that allows artists to give away their music in exchange for an email address and zip code) is an amazing place. In fact, Noisetrade is where I discovered the Civil Wars, back when all they had was a live recording of their second ever show.


I found a band called Elenowen, a duo comprised of a married couple (which encouraged me that they are less likely to break up), known for their haunting harmonies and suggested for fans of: The Swell Season, Fleetwood Mac, Patty Griffin, The Civil Wars, Coldplay. So, you know, me. I downloaded the 5-song EP, and promptly rushed off to work or somewhere and forgot all about it.

Very recently, during a computer purge where I attempted to delete everything non-essential I could get my hands on so that I could add more pictures to my hard drive, I found them again, added them to my iPhone and started listening.

They are not the Civil Wars, and nothing will ever replace that amazing, if heartbreaking, duo in my ears. But they are wonderful. I would also add that they are also for people who enjoy The Head and the Heart (which I do). Also, there are cellos, need I say more?


With only five songs to choose from, it’s difficult for me to pinpoint a favorite. I love the taut, gorgeous frustration of “Head to My Heart,” the buoyant, above-it-all quality of “Flying for the First Time” and the gentle, aching love of “Blood & Bones.”

You can currently download this EP for free on Noisetrade.

If you like what you hear, you might want to check out Elenowen’s website.

When you listen, let me know what you think, and please share what you’ve found to live in your ears.