What Blessing Looks Like

white picket fence I had a conversation recently that got me thinking.

An acquaintance and I were discussing someone we both know. It's been years since I have seen this person, and it was interesting to find out how his story has unfolded. As my acquaintance talked, he kept repeating a phrase I found interesting: it's so clear that God is blessing him.

He told me about his lovely wife, two gorgeous children, a wonderful home, a lucrative job.

It's so clear how God is blessing him. 

But is it?

I'm not saying that God isn't blessing this guy, not by a long shot. But it makes me wonder, if that's what blessing looks like, is God not blessing me?

I'm not married, though I'd like to be, I don't make a lot of money or drive a nice car, I live with my parents.

I believe that God has blessed me richly.

It might not be clear to you, when you look at my life, but I don't think it makes it less true.

Like many other things which are hidden from view by our invisible God, I don't think that He always puts His blessings on billboards. There are times when everybody can see them, but there are times when we ourselves don't even see them until after the fact. I don't think that any of that changes the fact that as children of God, we are blessed. God chooses how He is going to write each of our stories, and they will look different. Some of them may look more attractive, or more "blessed" than others, but we are all safe in the same Hands, and nothing can snatch us out of them.