Why I'm Not a Singles Writer

photo by Etienne.flickr.creative commons I write from time to time about being single. Lately, I’ve had some thoughts which are really challenging me, things I want to share with the greater Body. I’ve been finding as I write these things down, that they aren’t just about being single: they are about being married and about hope, waiting, infertility and Heaven, but mostly, they are about being God’s.

I’m noticing, when I post them, that they are not read and received only by single people. I get comments (here, in person and through email) about the ways that God uses the words I write to challenge, to encourage and to provoke thought. As I’m learning more about the people who read this blog (which I love) I find it hard to put any of you into a category. There is no main age or sex or location in the world, and certainly no common relationship status. The commonality is that, you are, for the most part, people who love God, the Body of Christ.

I also haven’t managed to write a post just about being single. There is always a connection to something else, something adjacent or further down the same train of thought. I think this is significant. Single people are not intended to be disconnected, even if it sometimes feels that way. I need the stories and words of those who are in other places than I am: the lungs, the heart, the blood cells, the bones. I think that the Church needs the words of its’ single members, to encourage, to build, to strengthen. I have things to say which are the result of prayer, study and epiphany. I fit into the Body, but more than that, I am needed, just as we all are, to play a part.

photo by Diana.flickr.creative commons

It is easy to talk about the single people of the Church as an integral piece, a needed voice, part of the plan and family of God. I have talked about it, and I will continue. But that talk is of no value if I am just talking about being a part of the life of the Church. There is a time to talk about it, and there is a time to just do that. This blog is part of how I make these attempts. It is freeing and exciting and a little nerve-wracking to realize that I have been created unique, and that no one else can fulfill the role God has given to me. That doesn’t change with my circumstances, or age, financial status or opinion. If I wait for the right time to relate to the Church, a time when I feel ready, I will stay silent, ignoring the whispers of the Spirit.

I have only my own perspective to write from. I’m the only one inside whose head I’ve been. My experiences and circumstances shape my point of view. I am subject to my humanity. Being single is part of that, and it will change some of things I choose to write about and how I see the world. But perhaps that will say something about who God is: when writing brings connection and relatability, not because of who we are, but because of who He is. Maybe seeing it from my perspective will plant a seed in your mind, as so many writers have done (and continue to do) for me.

For a while, Mondays will be themed around singleness, to some extent. I hope that you will find these topics and conversations encouraging and challenging, no matter where life finds you, and that you will join in to the conversation (and even invite others if you like). I need your voice, just as you need mine.