10 Things I Learned in September

Even as I write this post, I am struggling with the idea that September is almost over. (Can I get an amen?). In spite of my incredulity, I am thankful for what God has done this month. He has been near to me, and I have been learning much from Him.

1. The Greek word for the verb "to obey" literally means to listen or attend.

2. Martha is not the "black sheep" of the Bible. 

I can't tell you how many sermons, articles and books I've read about Martha. I have never seen her the way I did this month. I'm so looking forward to spending some time with her in Heaven. I think that there is a lot to be learned from this lovely, bold, woman of faith.

3. Being single-minded is about a lot more than my romantic relationships.

The Lord has done some wonderful things in my heart regarding singleness this year. I am thankful for His movement in my life, in this area, and elsewhere. Lately, He has been stirring up some things, challenging some long-held relational ideas of mine. I'm still processing much of it, but I'm looking forward to bringing more facets to Single-Minded Mondays soon.

4. I can have a totally different experience in the same environment just by burning another scented candle.

5. I am capable of making a pinnable image.

Until recently, I didn't know what a "pinnable image" was. I tried one, it was sort of fun and I think I might do it again (but no pressure). Also, people pinned it, which astounded me for some reason.

6. I am seriously consistent.

I had a conversation this week with a friend about a situation I'm assessing, running through my game plan with her. She reminded me of an almost identical conversation we had about a very similar situation a few years ago. I was describing my desire to walk through it in exactly the same way. Sometimes, I am pleased to look back at the growth in my life, but other times, like this one, I am thankful for the fruit of faithfulness.

7. Even though I worked in a library, I am still disturbed by my own fines.

As a library employee, I saw fines every day. Large fines, small fines, everything in between. There were those who paid their fines gladly, and those who took a bit more...convincing. I know that the person behind the counter does not care that I returned four books one day late and now owe the library $0.80. However, I pay them as fast as I can, as if they were $80.00, because whether they care or not: I am horrified.

8. God is not limited by geography when He brings people into my life.

When I stop and take a look at the map of people the Lord has connected with me, I am delighted by how little distance seems to matter. The world turns, and the Lord does as He pleases.

9. It is illegal, in Washington State, to brag about how rich your parents are.

Since I live in Washington State, I suddenly want to tell everyone (quite truthfully) that my Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills. I am also suddenly very curious about how (or if) this law is enforced.

10.  Telling the truth about pain can be life-giving (and not just for me). 

I wrote from a deep and vulnerable place this month. I'm trying to learn when to press in to that vulnerability and when to hang back a little, giving time to process, or pray. Through this piece, I was reminded of the beauty of connection that sometimes happens when I share something heavy: the Lord makes it light, and uses it to bring others lightness, too. Such a lovely gift.

What did you learn in September?

As usual, I'm linking up with Emily Freeman at Chatting at the Sky. You may want to check out her posts (and some of the others). I always learn something.

[image credit, remix by Cara Strickland]