Tipping My Hand {One Small Change}

Waiter - Son of Grocho I am beyond honored to be part of Addie Zierman's "One Small Change" series today. She never fails to be vulnerable, real and an amazing writer and friend.

Here's a little "taste" to get you started...

As I drove to brunch this last weekend, I noticed a chef coming out of the posh restaurant to which I was going. He walked slowly, cigarette in hand, before stopping in front of a bar and lighting up, far away from the customers he served. There, away from being seen, he leaned heavily against the storefront and let his shoulders sag.

As I approached my friend, waving and smiling, our waiter came to the table, situated on the patio. He was smiling too, and dressed in black long-sleeves with a bright red tie, in 97-degree weather.

We spent a lovely morning talking and eating and catching up. Our waiter took good care of us, making sure that we were comfortable, adjusting our umbrella, filling our water glasses. He treated us with grace.

It is easy for me to picture what a person in need, or a person hurting, looks like in my mind. I will tell you this: that person is not smiling at me, pulling out my chair and asking what Iā€™d like to drink. {read the rest here}

{photo credit: Soon of Groucho, Creative Commons}