A Friday Prayer

A Friday Prayer

A Friday Prayer

A Friday Prayer Lately I've been thinking a lot about prayer. I go through seasons of different kinds of prayers, seasons of fervency and seasons where I hope that I'm surrounded by intercession. Yesterday morning, I prayed from a place of calm exhaustion on my way to work. It is from just that place that this prayer has come.

You're welcome to join in.


None of it looks the way I thought it would today, God. The hard things are surprises and the good things are too.

I'm trying to be faithful to walk forward.

I pray for light feet that don't hurt, for lights that dance around them, and other pairs of feet for the shared journey.

I pray for a path that is straight.

Even when it's straight up.

I pray for small hopes to be overwhelmed by provision.

I pray for good wine, for confrontation, for flirtation.

I pray for "don't worry about bringing anything" for "I love you" and for "have a seat."

I pray for sleep, for rest and for dreams.

I pray for hugs and warmth and that feeling of being seen, held and known. I pray for safe and spacious places, for glasses of water after long journeys, for rivers in the desert.

I pray for time, not just to be productive in, but to inhabit. I pray for goofing off, for cups of tea, for rainy days and sun-drenched armchairs.

I pray for words, both the ones that spill out from within and the ones that find a home inside.

I pray for healing, for the wounds that sit on the surface and those which hide. I pray for empathy, for opportunities to sit across the table from myself in time.

I pray for ears to hear and eyes to see, for patience, for strength and for the will to let go and be still.

I pray for light movies, crocuses and fresh air.

I pray for wide margins.

I pray for light, for revelation.


(grace and peace to you this weekend, friends.)

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