Letters to the Future {at The Gift of Writing}

Letters to the Future {at The Gift of Writing}

Letters To The Future

Letters To The Future Today I'm writing about some of the words that I write just for me, in letters to myself at my friend Claire's lovely website, The Art of Writing.

This is how it starts:

When I was in college, I went on a retreat with the others in my dorm. Most of the weekend wasn’t my style. There were a lot of “icebreaker” games and dance parties.

But at a quiet moment on the second day, the leaders passed out sheets of paper and asked us to write letters to our future selves, the people we would be near the Christmas season.

I took the assignment seriously, thinking about the circumstances I knew about and what I was hoping for, as well as what I was dreading.

I started my letter with Dear future Cara…

 Won't you join me there, and say hello?

(and you'll want to check out the rest of Claire's site while you're there.)

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