9 Things I Learned in March

9 Things I Learned in March

9 Things I Learned in March

9 Things I Learned in March March has felt short in so many ways. Perhaps it was the gentle increase of sunlight (and the way the world goes by more quickly when I can keep my sunroof open). Perhaps it was the whirlwind of writers conferences and visits and exploring of all kinds of possibilities.

Regardless, March has moved with purpose and I am feeling hopeful as I bid her goodbye.

I hope that you are, too.

Here are a few things that I learned this month. I'd love to hear what you're learning, as well.


1. Birthdays are not always confined to one day.

All month there have been little bursts of birthday, from a celebration with one of my dearest friends, to an unexpected piece of light and airy meringue cake, a (signed) copy of Jesus Feminist (and many hugs from Sarah Bessey), Lenten lilies from my lovely small group, a spectacular hockey game and a dinner out filled with laughter and so many hugs and words from friends. It's been a birthday to fill my soul and one day could not contain it.

2. Whether or not an international flight is enjoyable has everything to do with the people on board.

I had two very different experiences in the recent past, both directly related to my traveling companions. The control freak in me thinks that the best strategy for future flights is to fill the plane with pre-approved people. The pragmatist and the mystic both agree that, as with everything else, I should pray.

3. The connection of the human body is amazing.

I've had a sore ankle for a few months now. Finally, I decided to do something about it, taking myself to a dear friend who does reflexology. She told me that my pain was directly related to the tightness of my hips. I proceeded to take up the yoga that I've put down lately in the business of life. Within days, my ankle was feeling better. It's amazing to me how our bodies are designed and how one seemingly disconnected thing can actually be integral to something else.

4. Taylor Swift is going to be in the movie version of The Giver.

I have no words for this. (But I'll probably see it anyway, regardless). The Giver is one of my favorite books. I told Lois Lowry so when I got to meet her once, at a reading. I may have been over-enthusiastic. Taylor is playing Jonas' love interest, a character who does not appear in the book.

5. In life, as with clothing, it's not a good fit unless it looks AND feels good.

6. There is a delicious wine in Oregon with my name on it.

7. When I admitted out loud that I didn't want kids, the world didn't end.

After quite a lot of fear and nerves about telling people that I don't have a desire for children, I finally hit publish on a piece to that affect. I was so thankful for the warmth with which I  was met, by people in all sorts of circumstances. And I found, as I often do, that I am not as alone in my point of view as I think I am.

8. Some of the best days are the ones I don't plan.

I have a good friend who has been trying to connect me with another friend of hers for a while. There has been talk of a dinner or some such thing. One Saturday this month, I called a friend and was invited to come and hang out with her and some other friends. The friend who was hosting: the person I'm supposed to meet. There are moments when God makes it completely clear to me where I need to be and what I need to be doing. Such was that Saturday. I made sure to slip off my shoes. It felt like Holy Ground.

9. The World Can Wait

For my birthday, a very dear friend gave me a poster from Over the Rhine's "The World Can Wait" tour. She'd bought it years ago, and was only giving it to me now (which added to the message, in my opinion). When she'd found it, she wanted to remind me that the world really could wait. That all of my hopes and dreams and things that I hope to accomplish, relationships I want to have and all of the trappings, all of it could wait. The timing would be perfect. (The timing for this gift could not have been more perfect).


Now it’s your turn. What have you learned in March?

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