Always Asking Why {From Grape Juice to Red Wine}

Always Asking Why {From Grape Juice to Red Wine}

Always Asking Why

Always Asking Why Today I'm over at Carly Gelsinger's lovely blog, as part of her From Grape Juice to Red Wine series. As soon as I read about this one, I knew that I wanted to be a part of it.

I'm writing a little bit about asking why, Lauren Winner, and my faith journey today. Come and join me and say hello?

Here's how it starts:

When I was giving my senior presentation, talking about the collection of interconnected short stories I had written over several months and countless hours, a friend offered to introduce me. She stood in front of the class and said something that I have never been able to forget. “Cara is always asking questions,” she said. “She is constantly asking why, or what if.”

She was right. That story collection itself was born out of a “why?” that I had for God. I was that child who was always seeking to know the answer, to understand, to find meaning in everything.

When I was in high school, I completely immersed myself in Jewish theology. For a time, I considered becoming a Messianic Jew, complete with all of the festivals and merriment, Shabbat and candles and fasting.

It was, perhaps, this very fascination which led me to the work of Lauren Winner. I remember standing in my local bookstore, not yet old enough to drive, and reaching for Girl Meets God. (read the rest at Carly's).

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