What I’m Into {a snapshot of July 2014}

What I’m Into {a snapshot of July 2014}


watermelon I’ve been wanting to link up with Leigh Kramer’s What I'm Into posts for a while. Here in the fleeting final moments of July, my time has come.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading about my everyday, and share a little of your own with me.


This season has been more frantic than I would like and I’ve had to carve out my moments (many of them on my hammock, or in bed before I fall into a much-craved sleep) of reading time. My library pile has not gotten this memo, however, and continues to grow.

I did manage to finish two books:

Delicious by Ruth Reichl

I’ve long been a fan of Ruth’s memoirs (my favorite is Garlic and Sapphires, about her time as a food critic in NYC.) When I discovered that she was delving in the world of fiction, I reserved a copy at the library immediately and began to wait patiently for months.

This book was exactly what I was hoping it would be: a lovely food novel filled with wonderful details that made me hungry, an interesting and intriguing story, and a little bit of romance. If you’re into food, you’ll probably enjoy it.

What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding by Kristin Newman

I’ll admit it, it was the snarky title that caught my attention when I saw it on Pinterest. But after I clicked through, I realized that Kristin is a TV writer and has been a part of some of MY shows (How I Met Your Mother and Chuck most notably). I requested the book on  that strength alone. I’m not going to tell you that it’s an important book, (it’s centered around the idea of the “vacationship.” Fair warning, there is a fair amount of sex and language in this one) but it was the right book for me.

Much like a good vacation, I didn't want to leave this book. It was like going on vacation with someone hilarious and doing dangerous and adventurous things without having to deal with actual consequences.

Even as I laughed aloud at times (and enjoyed the tight, crisp writing), I found plenty to ponder and take away about relationships, love and the ways that life winds, even when we don’t expect it to.



I’ve discovered a couple of guilty pleasures recently. One of them is the Jump Street movies (both of which I just watched, and laughed aloud through, for the first time). I think I like them because they remind me a bit of Never Been Kissed, but I can’t be sure.

I’ve also started watching Sex and the City for the first time. I’m a little shocked by how similar some of the conversations in that show are to some that I have with friends now. I’m just getting into season two now.



I’ve fallen deeply in love with Coldplay’s “A Sky Full of Stars” and I turn it up every time it comes on the radio.

I recently picked up a copy of Now & Then by the Carpenters on vinyl at a yard sale. My mom was with me and she had fond memories of the album. After giving it a spin, I can see why.

I’ve also been listening to The Penderwicks on Point Mouette as an audiobook on my way to and from work. It’s a lovely piece of children’s fiction, set in the summer. I always feel like spending some time with these lovely, timeless sisters when the weather gets warmer.



new room

I moved into my new bedroom (this time the permanent one). I’ve been enjoying the feeling of getting my little nest just the way I want it, and have even managed to keep the “room-warming” orchid I bought to christen the new space alive for three weeks.

I’ve also become very interested in cleaning, so if you have tips, tricks or products you like, I’d love to hear.

I don’t know if it’s something about the move or the warm weather, but I’m back to infusing water again. Lately, I’ve been loving fresh mint and lavender with various kinds of citrus.


Even though water and I haven’t always been friends, I’ve been spending as much time as I can in local lakes. There is something wonderful about staring up at a blue, sunny sky, floating in cool water. For me, it feels that all is right in the world in those moments.

I’m also pushing through my anxiety about cooking meat. To date, I have successfully cooked both chicken and fish. Now, on to more challenging meats.

I grew tired of making a donation to my gym instead of actually going, and I do love how I feel when I go to yoga, so I started getting up during the five o’clock hour. Yes, willingly. Now, I love going to yoga at 6am (in the morning) three days a week. I’m truly shocked at how much better I feel and how much less guilt I experience about my gym membership.

I spent the fourth of July at the lake with my roommate and her fiancé and his family. I'll probably end up writing about that experience at some point, but for the moment I'll just say that it filled me up to the brim. I was hugged by a horse, drove a four-wheeler, jumping into the lake, went into a food coma and got to hold a two-month old baby, all capped by seemingly never ending fireworks and sparklers. A great way to celebrate independence.



My lack of reading has extended to blogs, unfortunately, but I have been reading here and there, when I can.

I’ve been loving everything that Erin Lane over at Holy Hellions has been writing lately.

Thank You, Disney, for Awakening My Spirituality by Rachel Marie Stone

12 Things I Learned About Women from Pinterest (from Redbook of all places)



This month, I wrote, through heavy tears, about a loss I experienced as a child; I sketched out some “snapshots” of things I haven’t photographed lately and I wrote about saying a holy yes to the real details of my life.

In the de(tales) series, I had the honor of hosting Rebecca Carhart writing about mulberries, Tanya Marlow writing about sunglasses (and love), Kelli Conners writing about paddle boarding and creating her own tension, and Megan Gahan writing about the clothes that defined her at different points in life. You’ll want to check them out if you missed them.

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This was my personal favorite Instagram of the month. I took it on my way home from yoga class. I'm glad that there are people in my city like this woman. If you care to see what sorts of things I photograph, you can follow me at littledidcknow.