Moving House {at You Are Here}

Moving House {at You Are Here}

Moving House

Moving House If you've been around for a while, you'll know that the 2013 Christmas season was a shattering time for me. I tried to transition, and it didn't go as I'd planned. In fact, everything seemed to fall to pieces around me. Since it was happening in the moment, I wasn't processing very well. I wrote on this blog about "a hard season" and "challenges" with the occasional reference to mice in the oven.

This year, the time seemed right to tell the story of what happened last year. It's the story I've told over coffee or wine with friends this year, bookended by other hard things that I didn't know about during this week in 2013.

I'm honored to be sharing this story at You Are Here today, as part of their month of stories about being Out of Place. I'd love to have you join me there, and celebrate with me that all is not as it was one year ago.

Just in case you missed my first post for You Are Here, here it is. It's about avocados.