What I'm Into {a snapshot of February 2015}

What I'm Into {a snapshot of February 2015}

What I'm Into February 2015

What I'm Into February 2015 After months of telling you that it’s been difficult, and that I’m putting one foot in front of the other, it’s like a dam has burst. Everything is transitioning; not in the way that fall transitions to winter, but in the way winter transitions into spring.

These are the moments when ice melts and begins to run into the rivers. These are the moments when a Narnian witch has to leave her sledge behind and walk.

I know that there will be more snowy days ahead. The thaw made give weigh to another frost or two, before summer bursts forth.

But after many days of hoping in the darkness, I feel like I am finally stepping into a pool of light.



Without Reservations: The Travels of an Independent Woman by Alice Steinbach

I began reading this book last year during my trip to Luxembourg for my birthday. As sometimes happens with books that are begun, but not finished, on vacation, I allowed my time to be taken up with library books upon my return and allowed this book to sit on my shelf half read.

This month, in the rhythms of remembering my trip, I picked it up again and finished it. It is a book that reminds me that people travel for different reasons and in different ways. I enjoyed living vicariously through Alice on a trip that I would never want to take.

I cheered for her love story, as I am wont to do, and I sighed deeply at the end. Perhaps it is not the worst thing to take a year to read a book.


In my newly part-time life, I caught up with New Girl, The Big Bang Theory, and The Mindy Project.

I also watched season one of Don’t Trust the B— in Apartment 23, and am finding it cute, if silly.

Love abounds


After a month of a restrictive diet, I slowly began to ease back into more normal eating in February. However, over the course of January, I picked up the habit of cooking every meal, simply because I had to. It’s certainly been nice not to need to prepare every meal myself, but it’s also become a rhythm, and I’m enjoying it.

After months of working full time, I had a short break where I wasn’t working. Friends came out of the woodwork to have coffee, lunch, and just catch up. I knew that there were things I wanted to do between jobs, but I didn’t realize how many of those things were relational. It’s been a month of reconnecting, building, and growing in relationships.

I began a new work adventure as the Assistant Director of our local Jewish Family Services. I’m still pinching myself that my job includes hearing stories and becoming friends with people in the Jewish community (as well as some paperwork). This part-time job is giving me the extra space I need for writing, relationships, and margin. It’s been an amazing transition.

January was spent going out on lots of first dates. February has been spent going out on second, third, fourth, and fifth dates. Although I’m still a little surprised by the series of events, I did meet someone lovely, and now we’re wading through the beginnings of a fledgling relationship.

Birthday daft

My birthday was on the 20th, and I spent it surrounded by good friends. It’s taken me a long time to be honest about the ways I truly want to celebrate. I’m better now about knowing what’s really important to me. It’s not what we eat, or drink, or what we do. It’s who I’m with. I felt spoiled by all the great people who went out of their way to celebrate, or to reach out if they couldn’t be there in person. Of course, I also didn’t limit my birthday celebration to one day (I am my father’s daughter. He likes to take the whole month). I had the opportunity to spend time with several groups of people, including my family, and soak up all the love.


I only have one recommendation this month. This article reminded me so much of my youth, and all of what I’m unlearning, slowly, trying to sort the harmful from the good.

3 Things We Need To Stop Saying To Youth Group Kids by Addie Zierman



I had posts in many places in February.

I wrote my story about Reclaiming Eve for Suzanne Burden as part of her series. It was scary, but the fruit of those realizations have begun to transform my year, and my life.

I wrote about dating, being myself and learning that I am a good idea that God had for the Junia Project.

I wrote about my complicated thoughts about weddings for You Are Here.

I told some of my church love story for Ed Cyzewski as part of his Denomination Derby series.

I wrote for Cara Meredith about one of my rituals, it’s a little outside the box.

I wrote a little about the resolutions that chose me in January for The Mudroom.

I shared stories from all the dates I went on in January at the request of Tim Fall.

It was an honor to curate The Single Perspective series this month. There were four entries, each including many different responses to a single question, all from unmarried people. The questions ranged from what types of experiences these individuals have had in church, to the things they would tell their married friends. I held each post tenderly in my hands before publishing. I have felt the weight of holding and presenting these words.

I reviewed Erin Lane's wonderful book, Lessons in Belonging. I know that the year has scarcely started, but it's already a favorite for best book of the year (and I have a feeling I'll be revisiting it long after this year is over).

In the de(tales) series, I hosted Thom Caraway, writing about a lobster, Kristin Tennant wrote about her daughter's red mary janes, Hope Lyda wrote about mystery, and a bit about our mysteriously beautiful friendship, and Laura Lynn Brown wrote about a father, a daughter, and a key chain.

Once again, I’m linking up with Leigh Kramer for What I’m Into (check out the rest over at her site).