On Settling In

On Settling In

On Settling In Just as I walk in the door at the Temple, where I work, there is a whiteboard with an orderly row of magnets to represent the people who work there. The idea is that each person moves their magnet to the “in” position when they arrive, and to the “out” position when they leave.

This seemed like a simple thing when my colleague explained it to me as part of my orientation. I wrote it down in my ever-present notebook, along with a list of other things I needed to remember, such as the location of the copy machine.

The next morning, I went to work and slid in through the front door, walking past the white board without a second thought. I didn’t think of it again until I went out to do an errand. It seemed too late at that point. I reminded myself to move my magnet on the way back in. But I didn’t.

This went on for a while. My notebook grew full, as did my calendar and my inbox. Slowly, I began to lean into the curves of a new job. My magnet remained (mostly) in the “out” position.

A couple of weeks ago, entered the front doors and remembered to move myself to “in.” I walked upstairs and announced this fact to my colleague. While he was glad to hear it (if perhaps puzzled by my excitement), it didn’t mean to him what it did to me: I was settling in.

Since then, I haven’t missed a day moving my magnet from “out” to “in” and back. I don’t think about the movement, it’s second nature. I am not quite so new. I’m settling in.

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