de(tales): wind

de(tales): wind

I've known Gayl for some time through online writing groups and mutual friends. Over the last few months I have grown to love her encouraging spirit and beautiful writing. She has become a dear friend. 

I know you'll enjoy this windy de(tale) of hers today.

The wind and I go back a long way.

In my younger years I would stay outside as long as I could before a storm. As I felt the wind pick up speed, saw the dark clouds roll in and the trees swaying, I felt a sense of freedom and power. Sometimes the wind would almost push me along. Other times I would run into it feeling it rush across my face and lift my hair. It was a wonderful feeling to stand there or slowly wander around the yard, twirling with my arms outstretched, as the wind grew stronger.

I loved it.

Growing up in Jacksonville, Florida, we experienced pretty warm weather, especially in the summer. When a storm came up, which it often did very quickly, the touch of the wind and then the rain provided some relief. But, just as quickly, the storm would subside. The sun would come out again, and as the street dried, you could see the steam rise. There was so much humidity the air felt hot, sticky and even warmer than before the storm.

No wonder I enjoyed the refreshment brought by the wind!

I had a lot of fun outside as a kid playing basketball, tag football or cops and robbers with my brothers along with other neighborhood kids. Riding my bike and swinging on the swings were things I enjoyed the most, because I loved the feel of the wind.

After I was grown, married and children came along (there were seven), I spent less and less time outside. It was not because I didn't want to be there, but with such a large family I always felt overwhelmed with much to do, like meals to prepare, laundry, cleaning house, and more. I thought it was my duty to take care of everything, but I neglected to care for myself properly. It seemed like there was no time to go out and enjoy nature. It wasn't that I never went outside, but it was not as often as it should have been. My children spent many hours out of the house and I would join them on occasion. I now wish I had done it more.

Storms would come and go, but I had forgotten my joy of being in the wind.

There are cycles in our lives, though. The winds of change have been blowing again in my life. A little over a year ago I took a collective led by Jennifer Upton, who encouraged us to look at ordinary things in new ways to see the beauty. I learned to slow down and really look at what is around me. She suggested we go outdoors every day and take time to really see things, not just quickly pass them by. Armed with cameras we would take photos and share them on our special facebook page. I began to remember how much enjoyment I used to find in being outdoors.

I have been forever changed.

I notice things I would have missed before. I love sitting on our hillside feeling the warm sunshine and the gentle breeze caressing my face and hair. I often sit on my porch swing enjoying the wind as it whistles through the trees and plays haunting melodies on the chimes. It doesn’t storm as much here as it did in Florida, but...

I still love the feeling of wind before a storm.


Gayl Wright makes her home in lovely Sunset, SC. She enjoys photography, music, writing poetry, art journaling, crocheting, and interacting with people. She is learning to enjoy life at the fullest, observing details, and finding beauty in unexpected places. You can find her blogging at On Twitter she is @GaylWright and instagram @gaylwright.