Devotional Calendars for Advent and Christmas

Devotional Calendars for Advent and Christmas

Alicia Heater and I started collaborating together with a devotional Easter calendar this year. She designed 50 beautiful cards and I wrote devotionals to take you through the season of Easter. It was a wonderful process, and immediately we knew we wanted to do it again. 

I'm thrilled to present two projects: The Advent and the 12 Days of Christmas devotional art calendars. 

Again, Alicia bring the lovely art to the table. I enjoyed spending time with the waiting, wondering, and laboring in Advent, and the celebrating, nourishing, and good work of Christmas. 

The cards are ideal for stringing up in your home (or in your office or church) over a window, or your desk, or for setting on a bedside table to savor them one at a time. Purchase one set, or both (and if you buy both, you'll get a special price). 


I'm hoping that these small devotions will provide moments of hush in seasons which are not always restful (and that you might even give them away to people who might need some hush, as well). 

If you order now through November 10th, you'll get our pre-order price and guaranteed delivery before the first Sunday of Advent. It's also a better deal to order them both (mostly because I think you'll love them equally). 

These cards are the sort of thing I think I'm going to want to put up every year (there is a reason I chose Alicia as my collaborator). 

I hope that you'll take me along with you as you spend time in the seasons of Advent and Christmas this year (and perhaps for years to come). 

Click here to purchase Advent cards, Christmas cards, or both

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