A Note About Aaron Housholder {at You Are Here}

A Note About Aaron Housholder {at You Are Here}

In college, every now and then, we wrote a poem or a short piece in the style of another. Maybe it's because I was getting ready to write about college, but for Learning and Place month at You Are Here, I decided to return to that practice and I wrote about a favorite writing teacher of mine, Aaron Housholder, in the style of Kelly Cherry's piece "A Note About Allen Tate." I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. 

Here's how it starts...

One fall day in the middle of the Indiana cornfields, many years ago, I walked into a college class called “Imaginative Writing” taught by Aaron Housholder. He was clean-shaven and approachable, his head bald and smooth. His voice was not loud, but it somehow managed to get everyone to lean forward and pay attention. I always took copious notes. He hadn’t been teaching there long. Neither of us knew that it would soon be wise to plan ahead if you intended to take a class with him. 

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