Spark Joy

Spark Joy

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I've long been fascinated by the idea of having everything neat and tidy. Still, it wasn't until I saw Spark Joy as an option to review (thank you, Random House), that I jumped on Marie Kondo's bandwagon.

I expected it to be a book with good technique on tidying. I did not expect it to be philosophical enough to make me think about how my relationship with stuff is connected to my spiritual state. In fact, yesterday, I was meeting with my pastor and I mentioned that Kondo suggests that you thank your clothes for the service they rendered before you get rid of them. She talks about clothing that you didn't use, and invites you to consider thanking it for showing you what doesn't suit you. "I could have used this sort of thinking as I let go of boyfriends," I told my pastor.

I had the opportunity to write a review of Spark Joy for a new site that I'm contributing to regularly. It's called For Her, but I think that, as always, those of you men who read my work will enjoy the pieces I publish there. 

I'd love to have you join me there.