Where's Cara? (Volume Seven: The Food Edition)

Where's Cara? (Volume Seven: The Food Edition)

It's been too long since I've said anything in this corner of the internet. Summer has flown by for me, bringing lots of changes. I've moved into a new home and started graduate school (and I've been writing more than ever). 

Over the next week or two, I'm going to group some of my favorite recent writing from the summer into themes for easy perusal. You have all been so encouraging to me in the midst of all this transition and I'm thankful that you still want to read my words after all these years. 

Please enjoy this selection of my recent food writing (including one of my favorite pieces ever). 

Why Was Turkish Delight C.S. Lewis's Guilty Pleasure?

This piece (my first for JSTOR Daily) is an exploration of the history of Turkish Delight through Edmund, the Chronicles of Narnia, and C.S. Lewis. I so enjoyed immersing myself in the research for this. 

The Perfect Food Memoir Story I Didn't Have

This piece is about my family, and a lineage of food lovers I've only recently become aware of. It's a bit of an elegy, but it's also a beginning. 

How To Spot a Hipster Restaurant

It's infrequent that I write straight humor, but the hipster restaurant trend has brought out my satirical side. Here's your handy guide to spotting a hipster restaurant (with point system). 

Singing For Supper: The Ivory Table's Kristen Ward

It was such fun to interview singer/songwriter and local chef and restaurateur Kristen Ward for Paste Food. Her words on creativity and feeding people will stay with me for a long while yet.