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Cara Strickland is a writer and former restaurant critic focused mainly on food and drink, singleness, mental health, and faith. Her work has appeared in The Washington Post, Salon, JSTOR Daily, Tales of the Cocktail, and others. She is a member of The James Beard Foundation, the Association of Food Journalists, the Association of Writers and Writing Programs, and the Author's Guild. 

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Reading for the Christmas Season

A few pieces about Advent and Christmas. 

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Where's Cara? (Volume 8: The Freelanceaversary edition)

Celebrating my Freelanceaversary by sharing my first national food byline, and a piece in the Washington Post. 

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Where's Cara? (Volume Seven: The Food Edition)

A collection of the summer's food writing. 

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The bleak future of food criticism: Yelp reviews, puff pieces and no accountability for restaurants


As the last dining critic in my city, I was a voice for the people who couldn't afford to waste money on a bad meal

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I Dream of Owning a Dog the Way Some People Yearn for a Baby

The Washington Post

"When I thought about what I wanted my life to look like at this point, I pictured a dog. I pictured a significant other, as well. But dogs are easier to acquire, at least in theory."

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Why Was Turkish Delight C.S. Lewis's Guilty Pleasure?


An exploration of the history of Turkish delight, through the lens of Edmund and WWII.  

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