Little Did She Know

It all started because of T-Harmony.  No, I am not an internet dater, though it sometimes seems that way, given my long distance relationship with my boyfriend. But no, this relates to something else entirely.

Here at Taylor, even in our awkward attitude towards dating, we do try to mix once in a while with the opposite sex. Each year, we engage in "speed dating" which most of the participants look upon as a joke. If you do not feel this way, you attempt to cover these feelings and pretend that you are not on the look-out for a potential partner, right there at the student union, which seemed sort of like a sign when you read the email. You laugh, and say something brilliant. "Oh, isn't this funny, I just came to meet people."


In preparation for this event, I googled speed dating questions so as to be prepared. I will tell you right now, the evening was rather a wash. Although, I did meet a good friend, turned out that we had two classes together and had never met. I did not meet my life-long romantic partner and enter into immediate bliss. Oh well, I really wasn't expecting that. Right?


I did gain something very valuable from this experience, however. Along with a lot of inane questions, I found one that provoked my interest and made me think.

"If you were writing your autobiography, what would it be called?"

A brilliant question, surely not to be thought of in the space of the moments of speed dating. Still, there it was.

I answered. "Little did she know."