Weddings, and a word on Transformation

Lana and I at her wedding This may be one of my favorite pictures ever taken of me. 

As a photographer, I'm very picky about pictures, but this one makes me look relaxed and rested. I had the great joy of taking some pictures for Lana on her wedding day. Among these, there were a few I snapped as she was putting on her make-up. Recently, I had the opportunity to enter a women's art show here on campus. This time, the theme was "Transformation." I entered a picture of Lana and wrote about how it was not only a statement about how we mask ourselves when we attempt transformation through beauty aids, but also that it was a statement of a deeper transformation, one that would affect the rest of her life. 

I was reading her blog, shortly after this, and found that she had been inspired by my idea. Isn't it interesting how ideas germinate, bounce off other people and foster creativity?

I may not have the opportunity to get married anytime soon, but that doesn't mean that God isn't already transforming and preparing me. In fact, I think that my life as a whole is a great big transformation. Like the title of the picture I submitted, this transformation is "More than skin deep." 

May He only continue to do what He has begun to do. To Him be the glory, forever and ever, Amen.