Laundry and Cleanliness

I love doing laundry. I know that this is strange, but it's true. I love the feeling of everything being clean. Even though I have to climb in very strange ways up on my top bunk bed, it's worth it to have clean sheets to slide between at night. 

I love the hum of the laundry room in Olson Hall (my favorite dorm) and the feeling of warm socks sticking together through static electricity. When I have a pile of clean laundry and an empty hamper, I can't help but think that all is right in the world. 

I like doing dishes quite a bit, as well. I love the feeling of warmth and well being that I get with my hands in a sink full of soap and water. This may come from my time working food service and washing fine china near a window. It was pleasant and lovely to have time to think and pray through things. All the while, I was scrubbing a bit of the mess out of the world and bringing a spic and span sparkle to the little places I touched. 

Even today as I trudged up and down the stairs, back and forth from the third floor, I felt a sense of peace. 

Perhaps it's not for nothing that cleanliness is next to godliness.