The "H" Open House

I've been off in this little world of mine known as Thanksgiving break, surrounded by rest, getting things done, quiet. Today, I realized that I had not gone outside since Tuesday, and I was completely all right with the thought and the reality. But...

Monday approaches...

I checked my Taylor email account today and saw an email from my PA (RA in Taylor-speak) talking about our all hall open house. It's the "Christmas Scramble" and each wing has a different letter in the word "Christmas." Apparently, we must build a theme around the letter "H."

As someone who has been safely out of the hustle and bustle, I must say, that I would like to go somewhere and hide on Monday night from 7-11. Christmas open houses are all very well and good, but to me, right now, it simply means that the true spirit of Christmas consists of large amounts of stress, sugar and male company and music turned up very loud right up until quiet hours begin. 

What a lovely way to return from a gracious and restful break.

Is there any balm in Gilead?

So bring on the holidays, I'm hoping for snow and snuggling. I can't wait to see the people I love and be wrapped in gentle arms. Please pardon me as I pass up the punch and the late-night reveling. You see, I just don't think that's what Christmas is all about.

So to all of you, as you look forward to celebrating the birth of Christ, that He came here, to earth and took on human form, remember this: everyone may interpret the "h" the way they choose, but I intend to focus on Him. Capital H.