The Countdown

Don't take this the wrong way. I love Taylor, the opportunities, the people, the challenging academics.

Right now, I really want to go home.

There are only nine days (including today) before this lovely phenomenon comes true and I get to sail away, balanced on air, floating into Spokane like a cloud. 

I can't wait.

Now, every time I go outside (which, in this chill is the last thing I want to do) I am nearly blown over by the combination of the wind and the Christmas music coming out of Wengatz Hall (the guys dorm next door). I think that they play "Romantic Christmas Songs By Long Dead Performers" and they do it all day. Never let it be said that quiet contemplation was taking place.

Still, it's kind of fun. Today is ugly Christmas sweater day. My PA delivered an extra of hers last night. It is an extra-large, has gold sequined bows and is big enough that I could wear it like a dress. Good times.

Happily, my memorized Spanish presentation is at an end (though I don't know when I'll have another chance to wear my blue sequined dress - it's been a day of sequins) Now, I can focus on revising my story, working on what I really want to do. Soon, all too soon, this semester will be a whisper of what once was. 

For now, I'm still in the thick of it, counting down. Nine more days. Including today.