The Airport as a Bookend

Unexpectedly, I get to see Lincoln, my very own boyfriend, on both ends of my visit home for Christmas Break.  On my computer, I have a countdown for when I get to see him. Every time that I look at it now, I laugh a little. You see, I know a secret, I know that it is wrong. No matter how spare the days it shows, I know that I get to see him in a length of time that could be easily converted into hours (at least by Lincoln - math minor that he is). 

I hope you won't mind, I'm going to brag, just a bit. This Lincoln, my very own boyfriend, is driving from Texas to Chicago on Thursday, getting in at about 1AM on Friday and then getting up in a few short hours to take me to the airport (his idea, not mine). It will be the first time that we have seen each other since we started dating and I am on the edge of my seat. 

It struck me that the airport will provide a bookend to my Christmas Break. You may all have guessed by now that Lincoln is the type of bookend I wouldn't mind having. 

I'll keep you posted. You can bet that I won't be shy about sharing couple pictures that I have waited so long to show off!