I forgot how much I hate finals week.  I don't think it would have been so bad this time except that a few things happened...

1. My brother is having emergency surgery tomorrow on his hand. He broke it earlier this year but it didn't heal correctly. Now he is in the process of taking all of his finals in his first finals week and just wanting to come home. I feel so helpless, I just want to be his big sister.

2. My mom is interviewing for a position that she really wants to get today. This is a follow-up interview and I am on the edge of my seat hoping that she gets it. 

3. My boyfriend is flying through the last of his finals and we are counting the moments until we can see each other. Tomorrow will be the seven month anniversary of the last time we saw each other. It's time. Who knew that all of this could be so stressful in the midst of being wonderful.

4. I have this final, you may laugh, after all this heavy stuff. It's a dance final and I have to do the West Coast Swing. It's been forever since I did anything of the sort, my body is falling apart and I am ready to collapse. All this practicing has left me in pain with sore arches and burning calf muscles. I just want it to be over. I forgot how I hate performing, even as I love it. 

Pray for me, friends, family, countrymen, and for those I love. You can bet that I am doing a lot of praying right now. You may very well be included in those prayers...

Soon, this will all be a distant memory, right?

"I have no fear of's the breathing that's taking all this work..."