It's interesting, here, I have time to think even if I don't have time to breathe. In the midst of all of the stuff that is going on and all that I am learning. (I found out just how much I knew when we had a pop-quiz today) I am also free to have an inner life, even though there isn't much free time. When it comes to experience, I'm finding out how blessed I am. I had had the opportunity to do so many great things. This trip is one of them, and, honestly, as frustrating as my prof. is, there is no better way to experience this, though I didn't think that I would get in shape as an English major originally.

I'm learning so much about who God is and about His leading in my life. Not only is He helping me with this class here, but He is revealing all sorts of things that I am dealing with and taking care of, even if it is only in my mind. He is making sure that I don't forget where literature came from, and, well, just who is writing this story.

So many of you are coming to mind often on this trip. I listen to a piece of music or read certain words and there you are before me, and I smile.

I want you all to know that I am near to you, even though I am crazily busy and tired and reading Charles Dickens. (After hanging out at his house yesterday, I realized why I don't like him).

God is here, even though it doesn't always feel like it. And He is not going anywhere.

I'll be in touch.