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If you want a play-by-play of London, please head to the admissions blog. Since I'm not freaking out so much, what you get on there is pretty much the real story. So was the other, just more diplomatic.My mom says that she enjoyed reading both sides. Yes, I'm sure that would be fun. Just for the record, being here has actually made me appreciate America and my nationality more. We got to visit the embassy today, and it was amazing. I walked in and I recognized the pictures on the walls. It was like everything was suddenly decoded. A lot is going on. Communication amazes me. Even though I am an ocean away, the things of my daily life from America still find me here. I'm in the process of working out my schedule at the library at school, continuing to grow in relationship with my boyfriend, one international phone card at a time, and, believe it or not, Facebook still exists here, though everytime I log in, it asks me if I speak "proper English" and would I like to switch from whatever vulgar stuff I'm reading. You are all encouraging me so much. I'm so thankful that you are in my life. The pieces of home that you provide remind me why I get up each morning and walk down the street in the rain, with tired feet, trying to stay up with my teacher (who is over six feet and can't understand why we little people can't keep up) and generally living here. We're over half-way just now and the new semester is starting to come into clearer focus. I really wasn't ready for it when I left Chicago, for obvious reason, although, I wasn't really ready for this either, however, the Lord is still working, He hasn't stopped and taken a break just because I'm out of the country. I love that and I am so thankful for the continued promises that He is making and fulfilling. He never lets go and He never stops loving me. Of that I am certain. I'll be in touch, my friends. Thanks again for everything!