Prayers and Peace

This week has brought a lot of challenges and growth.  My tense roommate situation escalated and is being resolved by my moving to a new place. Same hall, same wing, but a new room and a new roommate. A new stop on the way to a more permanent home. A new time for starting over. 

I'm bracing myself against the business that seems to trap those around me. Those that I love and I could use your prayers. The water seems to come up around us sometimes. Just when we can't bare it any longer, it goes down an inch. 

I'm studying literature and buying art which capture my imagination. I'm looking at the world, and at creativity. 

My poor Lincoln is getting lost in mechanical movement and the engineering program at Letu. Keep him in your prayers, if you would. He is tired and he needs God to intervene and speak into his situations.

I am healing from the pain of this last week. I am feeling a little human again. Starting to come out of my fear, and see the sun again, feel peace. 

It may not be over. But the worst of this is over. 

As Anne would say, "Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it."

Here's to that!