Things Change

If there is anything that I have learned, it is that I have no idea what is going to happen. For example: last week, I filled out my application for graduation (!!!). I filled out every class that I was going to take for the rest of my college career, two more semesters (!!!) and I turned it in.

The next day, I met with the chair of my department and found out about an early American Literature class which thrilled me to my fingertips. So, I called the registrar and asked them to change the application which I had turned in the day before.

Now, at last, here at the almost end of school, I have stopped saying that I will not change anything, that my plan is perfect, that it is all set in stone.

There is a reason that I chose "Little Did She Know" as the title of my blog. You see, the moral of the story is, the more days I live on this planet and in God's hands, the less I realize I know. Period. 

My four year (down to three and a half) year plan isn't the only thing that changes daily around here. My current story draft is not at all what I thought it would be when I put it to paper (or screen) a week ago. Before it is due, after Spring Break, I know that it will go through many more evolutions and, hopefully, it will get better, become more meaningful and speak more clearly.

That is what I hope for myself, amidst all of the changes, some small and some bigger, that crop up in my life every day. I want it all to be used by God to make me better, more meaningful and I want to speak (out loud, in writing and with my life) more clearly. 

The title of this post may sound obvious, perhaps it is, but it's something that I've taken some time to learn, and I'm still learning. 

So join me, shake your head and say, "Little Did She Know..."