I just ran into a girl from my wing who has been in Oxford for Spring Semester. She's back, momentarily, tying up loose ends and such before summer is a reality.  We sat in the lovely light of day on the porch with the wind blowing little wisps of hair around on our foreheads. 

She greeted me with a hug and we talked, perhaps more than we ever did before. 

We talked about Taylor and how coming back was hard, how it seemed less real than other things we had experienced, though we still liked it. 

In many ways, Taylor is such a short stop for me. I am only here for 2 and a half years. I'm completing 1.5. 1 to go. 

I've been thinking a lot about relationships. I realize that the people I've met and really connect with at Taylor are those who see that there is something more. Those people are mostly women, even a couple of members of faculty. 

This is all but a wisp of time.

I will take so much with me when I go. No one can ever take these experiences from me. God has used this place, sometimes the adversity, in so many ways. But I won't regret graduation. 

I will have no regrets. 

Right now, wrapping everything up, I'm ready for summer...I have my plane ticket...

As Matthew West would say (this song got me through London) "Just a few more days, I'll be going home, just a few more hours, I'll be flying" 

I'm content to finish well. I'm not chomping at the bit or trying to run into the future. I am here, here for a reason. 

Like a vapor. Soon gone.