Today, my friend Lauren and I were both getting critiqued in fiction class.  We coordinated our outfits, walked into the classroom in unison and crossed our legs at the same moment. 

Very few people noticed. I could chalk this up to end-of-the-year apathy or something, but it was interesting. Lauren said, as we talked about it later, "It's like writing, you put something into a story, and you hope that people will notice, but a lot of times they don't. It's ok. It's still there."

It was fun today. We both defended each others' pieces against people who thought they were romances. 


Lauren is a kindred spirit. She likes dressing alike, she likes tea, she likes to write and she likes to read what I have written. She is my audience. 

When no one else in the class gets what I mean. When they don't like things, just as I don't always like their pieces, usually, Lauren gets it, she likes it. 

We all need people like that. 

We need people who aren't afraid to match us.